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Since 1999, MGA has helped more than 100 organizations become more effective and better serve communities. We seek impact by helping you increase your own.

We have served small community-based organizations, and large well-known institutions. We have assisted community, family and corporate foundations. We have worked on projects simple and discrete, complex and multifaceted. We have focused on youth, education, the arts, economic development and human services.

Whatever the project, our clients always work directly with one or both of us, benefiting from our complementary skill-sets and more than fifty years of combined experience in the not-for-profit sector. However a project might be labeled – Performance Measurement, Executive Coaching, Evaluation, Organizational Development, Research, Planning – our response is customized, targeted and strategic.

We first meet with staff or board leaders to understand your needs clearly. Then, if we are confident we can best meet those needs, we develop a straightforward scope of work with concrete deliverables, a firm timeline and a project-based price. You know what to expect and what it will cost. If we are not the right fit, we are quick to say so and will gladly refer you to other resources. We pride ourselves on being:

  • Efficient: We deliver high value for your investment; you do not have time or dollars to waste.
  • Flexible: We custom-design solutions that meet your needs, budget and timeline.
  • Practical: We are grounded in our experience as managers. We craft sustainable solutions for busy managers and boards.
  • Client-Centered: We focus on a small number of clients at a time, so we can deliver exceptional service and responsiveness.
  • Multi-Disciplined: We have the breadth of skills and expertise to tackle many different projects.
  • Capacity Builders: We help organizations develop new skills, systems and capacity, to independently continue the work.

Contact us. We look forward to discussing your project and how we might help you accomplish your goals.

Julia Gittleman & Tom Mendelsohn