Coaching & Transitions

Coaching & Transitions

Not-for-profit managers are some of the most dedicated and hardest working professionals around. Organizations are often blessed with great people, and cursed by frequent burnout and turnover. MGA can help you sustain and retain your staff, maintain your expertise and bolster your management team.

Coaching Managers properly helps them gain new confidence and skills, supporting those in your organization who already have the potential and desire. MGA has successfully coached and developed a range of middle and senior managers, and board leaders.

Management Transitions can be taxing and rushed. Key information and knowledge (that took years to develop) often walks right out the door with a long-term, valued employee. Organizations are lucky if they are able to overlap new and old managers’ tenure, even for a short time. MGA has helped organizations be proactive, plan for transitions, and better maintain knowledge and expertise.

Supplementing Your Management Team with an interim manager can make the difference between chaos and a smooth transition. Or, perhaps you need special expertise for a short-term project, or a few hours a month, when you cannot or do not need to hire someone fulltime. MGA can often offer or find your solution.

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Management Transitions

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