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Management Systems, Methods & Documentation

It’s one thing to come up with a good idea. It’s much more difficult to turn that bright idea into your staff’s consistent, day-to-day practice. MGA can show you how to practically adapt the same techniques used to improve productivity in the business world and large not-for-profits. Your payoff: more efficient and effective programs serving more clients.

Documentation is a key ingredient to consistent, quality operations. MGA can help you create the institutional memory necessary to survive turnover, sustain quality and avoid poor data collection or failed systems.

Re-engineering is a proven technique for rethinking methods of work and replacing them with more efficient and effective ways, often leveraging today’s available technology.

Business Process Mapping helps you capture complex needs, requirements and procedures and make them clear as black and white, so they can be used by your own staff and management, or by those configuring or developing software and systems for you.

Management Systems enable you and your managers to control expenses, measure performance and plan for the future. MGA can help you design streamlined ways of doing this without bogging your staff down with unnecessary paperwork.

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