Survey Research

Survey & Market Research

Organizations need to constantly reassess their programs in context. MGA’s survey and market research can keep you in touch with the changing needs in the community, and with your programs’ potential impact on constituents and consumers.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis ensures that your services are tailored — to client needs and for success. MGA can help you identify the community needs, funding sources or program opportunities that are best aligned with your organizational goals, needs and competencies.

Survey Research helps organizations gain a better understanding of their constituents’ needs and priorities. MGA designs, implements and analyzes surveys.  We provide you with clear, actionable information so you can make better decisions.

Focus Groups help you learn how different constituencies will respond to a range of changes, issues or concerns. MGA designs and implements focus groups, providing professional facilitation and useful discussion guides. You benefit from the rich insights that often arise from group discussions.

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Market Research

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