Performance Measurement. Executive Coaching. Facilitation. Evaluation. Organizational Development. Logic Models. Strategic Planning. Capacity Building.

Whatever the project, we help managers and board members to move their organization forward, to increase impact and effectiveness.

We help you …

  • To strengthen your organization, its strategies and its work.
  • To be intentional: to define goals, prioritize, and clearly describe success.
  • To build the systems and capacity to measure your progress and impact.
  • To make decisions, build consensus, plan, and prepare to execute.

We provide experience, facilitation and counsel.

We are interested in …

  • The probable as much as the possible. Your time and resources are limited; you cannot afford to waste either.
  • Keeping process to a minimum, what is required.
  • Decisiveness and action.

We help you to better serve your constituents and your community.

After all, that is why we do this work: to serve people, organizations and communities.