Coaching Example

The Need: An Executive Director believed in the adage: “you hire the person, not the resume”. She knew in her heart that the bright and hard-working woman she was considering would make a great Director of Development, even though she had not worked in development before. What the Executive Director needed was a seasoned professional to take this new manager under her wing, and to ensure that she became as confident and successful in development as she had been in her previous position. Internally, other managers were already spread too thin or lacked the necessary expertise to play this role.

How we helped: MGA provided the support, expertise and structure the woman needed. We helped her organize her new job responsibilities, and provided her the support and instruction she needed to make the transition. We met with her weekly at first, and less frequently as time went on. Throughout the process, we stayed in touch via regular emails and phone calls.

The Results: Within a few months, the meetings vanished, and the emails and phone calls slowed to a trickle. The organization obtained a first rate employee, and filled an important niche with someone who was industrious and talented. The Executive Director and other managers were able to maintain their own focus, knowing that MGA was providing the necessary coaching. The new Director of Development appreciates the growth opportunity the organization has provided her and is highly motivated to succeed.  The organization’s grantsmanship and fundraising efforts experienced minimal disruption and are now thriving under rejuvenated, first-rate leadership.