Tom Mendelsohn

Tom Mendelsohn – Principal

During more than twenty-five years of work focused on the third sector, Tom has developed management expertise including organizational development, strategic planning and facilitation. He coaches executives, and helps boards and leaders to plan more effectively and build strong management systems and habits. Tom believes that one of the scarcest, most valuable, and too often overlooked resources of an organization is the finite time and attention of staff and board leadership. He will help you make the best use of time devoted to planning and leadership meetings. Tom also brings experience in the technical aspects of management including information systems, financial management, and business process re-engineering.

Most recently, Tom has been leading MGA’s Strategic Planning work with Hyde Square Task Force and Steps to Success, as well as Organizational Development and Executive Coaching services to some of the current Barr Fellow organizations. Tom and Julia frequently partner on community research and planning projects, as well as on larger projects that require a combination of strong facilitation and expertise in social policy or program evaluation.

Before founding MGA with Julia Gittleman in 1999, Tom was a teacher and an outdoor educator, and spent nine years with the American Cancer Society. His time there included serving as Chief Information Officer of the New England Division and both serving on and leading projects for the ACS Nationally.

Tom received his Masters in Management from the Heller School at Brandeis University in 1989.